Mario Movie Rocket
Image: Nintendo / Illumination

We seem to be learning more and more about Super Mario Bros. The Movie each day, with official announcements, regional differences and leaks contributing to the growing mound of material. The latest addition to join the pile is a McDonald's advert - reportedly showing in Portugal - which contains brand new footage of a much more capable looking Mario in action (thanks, Nintenduo).

The latest advert (below) appears to have been pulled straight out of the early 2000s, it is true, but it does provide a first look at what Mario might be like once he gains a better understanding of his abilities. Here hurdling a Toad before wall jumping up a set of item boxes to avoid the pearly whites of a trio of Piranha Plants, this isn't the Mario-in-training that we have seen in the past few trailers but one that appears a lot more ready to get let's-a-go-ing.

Of course, a McDonald's ad wouldn't be complete without showing off some of the Happy Meal merch that will come in line with the movie and this trailer has it by the bucket-load. The toys that we see at the end of the advert are different from those leaked last week (there is no Luma, notably) though it does look like there will be some more Mario Kart-inspired options available in this regional variant. We can expect the collection to vary drastically between regions, so it is worth trying not to get your hopes too high for a specific toy until we see a local release.

For a look at the new ad, check out the full video below, uploaded to YouTube by LETS - A - GO 64:

With last week's The Game Awards bringing yet another look at the movie, we imagine that it will be at least a couple of days now before we see anything sizeable again. This being said, who can predict what else will be leaked in the meantime?

Thanks to Juan from Nintenduo for the tip on this one!

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