The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Image: Nintendo / Illumination

It is difficult to miss promotional material for The Super Mario Bros. Movie at the moment. There have been two official trailers, a handful of posters, the release of the main theme, and that's not to mention the F.L.U.D.D.-scale leaks that we seem to come across every week. Now the film's marketing department is moving the promo campaign into a whole new dimension (see what we did there?) as Illumination's Mario has taken to the 3D billboard.

This should come as no surprise to us by now. In 2022, can you really deem a product 'officially released' if it hasn't had a 3D billboard campaign? We don't think so. So it is nice to see Mario jumping in on the hype.

This particular example shows Mario getting to grips with a Piranha Plant (the first time that we have seen Illumination's take on the iconic pipe-lurker up close) and we must admit that we are kinda surprised at how toothy this guy is. A video of the 3D billboard was posted to YouTube by NintendoCade Gaming, which you can check out below.

Unlike the previous billboards that we have seen for both Pokémon GO and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (both of which were found only in Japan) this Mario Movie one is currently playing in New York City. Where better to advertise Nintendo's favourite Brooklyn-based plumber?

We imagine that it will be another little while yet before we get a chance to have another good look at the movie after last week saw the release of the second trailer. There is a chance that The Game Awards on Thursday could yield more Illumination content, though we doubt that the company would want to reveal too much more this early (leave that to the leaks, right?)

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