Supergiant Games has lifted the lid on its next big title, Hades II. It'll star the "Princess of the Underworld" and will be available in early access in 2023. Platforms and a specific release date haven't been confirmed just yet, but it will "eventually" make its way across to consoles.

According to Supergiant Games website, "no prior knowledge" of the existing game is needed, but there will apparently be "plenty of connections" to the previous story. Players will take control of Melinoë, the immortal Princess of the Underworld. Here's some back story:

"As Melinoë, the immortal Princess of the Underworld, you'll explore a bigger, deeper mythic world, vanquishing the Titan's forces with the full might of Olympus behind you, in a sweeping story that continually unfolds through your every setback and accomplishment. New locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises await as you delve into the ever-shifting Underworld again and again."

"Like her brother Zagreus from the original game, Melinoë is not a character of our own invention, and is based on an ancient Underworld deity thought to be related to Hades. What little ancient mythology exists about her was more than enough to make us want to explore her story and connection to her family, and in so doing, expand on our vision of the Underworld!"

To celebrate this announcement, the original Hades game is currently on sale on the Switch eShop in select regions. If you haven't already tried it out, now is the time. In our own review, we praised the game, awarding it a perfect score.

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