Developer Light Games has launched a brand new Kickstarter project for its Game Boy Color title Last Crown Warriors, which features top-down gameplay inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and is said to be the console's first ever 'Action-Tactics' game.

At the time of writing, the project has garnered almost €5,000 of its €18,000 goal with 29 days still to go. Should it be fully funded, a physical edition of the game will be made available in standard, limited, and collector's variants and will be compatible with both Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Backers will also be able to pledge for early access to the ROM in order to provide key feedback to Light Games on the title's progress.

Last Crown Warriors 6
Image: Light Games

Here's some more info on the game's overall premise:

"In Last Crown Warriors, you take on waves of enemies as you try to conquer all of the bases found throughout each level. Each base has a flag, indicating whether the player has conquered the base, or if the base is still under enemy control. As the player, your goal is to defeat enemies, in order to gain influence over all of the bases, lowering those bases' flags.

"For each base, the player will face the special guardian of the stage. Defeat the guardian to conquer the base.... But be careful! An allied base will lose influence over time, so be sure to keep an eye on each base, so that you don't lose any of them to the enemy. Should that happen, the player will need to re-conquer the base again until all of the bases have been secured."

If you need any further convincing, you can now download a ROM demo for the game and give it a try yourself.

Is this something you'll be interested in trying out for the Game Boy Color? Share your thoughts in the comments below!