Sticky Stone Studio has today announced that the long-awaited Switch version of first-person puzzler, Memorrha, will be coming to the console very soon - 13th January, 2023 to be precise.

The arrival of this game has been a long time coming and we are excited to see it finally reach the release phase. We first heard of Memorrha's plans to come to Switch back in 2018, when it was provided with a release date of the following year. This, obviously, didn't come into fruition, but that hasn't stopped the team at Sticky Stone from working away on bringing the title to the Nintendo Console.

As seen in the above trailer, the game is all about solving puzzles in an ancient environment, looking for clues and finding helpful items. Accompanied by a mega soothing soundtrack and an interesting visual style, we are thinking that this might be a strong way to get our brains back in gear after the Christmas break.

The game has received mixed reviews on Steam since its PC release in 2019, with many commenting on the need for some substantial fine-tuning. Here's hoping that the ensuing years have meant that these problems are now fixed for the Switch version.

For a little more information on the game's features and some images, check out the following from Sticky Stone Studio:

Go on a voyage of discovery following the traces of a mysterious culture.
Solve the mystery of sleeping machines and learn more about their creators. A diverse and open world full of thrilling puzzles and secrets awaits you.
- Can you decipher the mechanisms of ancient technologies?
- Will you learn the truth about those who came before you?
- Will you find your destiny in this secretive world?

Gameplay Features:
- Discover a stylized and lovingly designed environment
- Solve 100s of tricky logic and combination puzzles
- Interact with machines and portable objects
- Catalog symbols and pictograms using your scanner
- Relax and listen to the epic soundtrack
- Fully controller compatible

Memorrha's North American eShop page is already up and running, currently listed for $19.99. From the looks of the trailer and the time that the team has spent bringing this game to life, we would be pleased to see a similar price in other listings.

Will you be picking up Memorrha next month? Let us know in the comments!