Disney Dreamlight Gingerbread
Image: Gameloft

The update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is almost here, bringing with it a new Toy Story realm, new characters, new fashion, and a bunch more stuff that we can't even guess. But ahead of the December 6th Toy Story update, the Disney DLV Twitter account is showing off some hints at what's to come — including some new recipes for the game.

The Disney theme parks are renowned for their exclusive treats and sweets, and the Mickey Gingerbread is a seasonal offering that's only available during Christmas. But in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it'll be available all year round, and presumably it'll be a great way to use up your massive store of ginger, too.

In the background of the image, we can also see hot chocolate with marshmallows, and a yule log, and taking a look at the slightly larger Instagram version of the image, we can also see hints of a Christmas wreath.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley social media accounts have also begun to tease the next Star Path theme. The previous two were Halloween and Pixar-themed, but it seems like the next one will be Festive (to no one's real surprise).

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story and Winter update will be out tomorrow, December 6th. Stay tuned for guides and hints from us!