Merlin does a little dancey dance
Image: Nintendo Life

Disney Dreamlight Valley's latest update, which added Toy Story and Stitch to the game, has had a few teething issues — including players unable to get Woody, Buzz, or Stitch in their game at all thanks to some irritating bugs.

Gameloft has announced a new Hotfix Update to address these issues, hopefully fixing some of the quests so that players can complete them. It's not confirmed what the Hotfix Update will include in its entirety, but here's a short list that Gameloft posted on Twitter:

  • Improved feedback for leaving Buzz Lightyear's house
  • Quest: You're My Favorite Deputy
  • Quest: The Mystery of Stolen Socks
  • Quest: The Illumination
  • Quest: A Deal With Ursula

Over on the Disney Dreamlight Trello, where the developers are tracking bugs and fixes, these are the issues that are currently being actively worked on:

  • Founder's Pack rewards missing
  • Crashes on console
  • Mushroom, Flower, and Fruit spawn rate balances
  • Being unable to pick up items at the base of palm trees
  • Quest: Restoring the Sunstone
  • Progress loss following September 15 update
  • Steam Deck issues
  • Being unable to port avatars via the Avatar Code
  • Quest: A Deal With Ursula
  • Quest: You're My Favorite Deputy
  • Being unable to leave Buzz Lightyear's house
  • Quest: The Mystery of Stolen Socks
  • Quest: The Illumination
  • Some recipe items appear to be too large

It's not certain that all of these issues will be addressed in the hotfix, since they may take longer to fix, but it's a good indication of what the patch may include.

We recommend checking the DDV Trello and submitting your own bug reports here if you're having issues with the game that don't appear on this list!

We don't know when the Hotfix Update will go live, but we expect it'll be within a few days. Stay tuned for more information as it comes!