The first trailer has released for an upcoming open world dress-up RPG, Infinity Nikki, which is being helmed by none other than Zelda alumni, Kentaro Tominaga (thanks, Kotaku).

A former designer on Breath of the Wild before directing the game's successful Expansion Pass, Tominaga will not be bringing the upcoming title to Switch it seems (it is currently confirmed for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile), though the impression of BOTW's aesthetics can be felt all over this one.

The game looks to combine open world platforming with puzzle solving as you explore an open world filled with mystery and magic - ring any bells? Of course, this does not appear to be a one-to-one copy of the former game, as Infinity Nikki also utilises a unique dress-up mechanic which sees the hero take on different abilities based on her magically-generating outfits.

For a little official description, check out the following from developer Papergames:

Here, you will join Nikki and Momo in a vast fantasy world, exploring freely and savoring varied playstyles. The power resting in gorgeous outfits will find you a path forward and offer infinite fun along the journey!

Looking at the above trailer, these abilities include magical powers, flight and even the ability to shrink down to the size of a tiny hooded cat - or it is supposed to be some kind of mouse? It's difficult to tell, but either way it's cute! If you ever wondered what Disney's take on a Zelda-like would be, this might just be your answer.

Much like our reaction to the first Breath of the Wild trailer, we are once again struck by just how gorgeous this game looks! From the grass blowing in the breeze to the clear water of the fishing (because there always has to be some fishing), Infinity Nikki certainly looks like one to watch.

While the game is not currently slated for a Switch release, the trailer has got us itching to dive back into the Hyrule that Tominaga helped to create all over again.

What do you make of this Infinity Nikki first look? Let us know in the comments!