Raw Fury has shared a brand new trailer for the stunning-looking Minish-Cap-meets-Stardew-Valley deckbuilder Moonstone Island, showcasing one of the game's key mechanics that sets it apart from other farming sims and deckbuilders — spirit taming!

Now, what's your spirit animal? A cat? A tortoise? How about a sentient cup of coffee, or a fish bowl with legs? These are the kind of unusual spirits you can expect to meet as you venture around the 100 islands you can set foot on in the game. Each island has an associated element, and spirits of that same element will live on that island. You can battle them to banish them from the island, or if you like the look of them, you can get them to join you by feeding them the crops that you've worked hard to grow.

(Full disclosure: Nintendo Life staff writer Kate Gray has contributed writing to Moonstone Island. She has had no involvement in our coverage since joining the project, and we won't be reviewing the game.)

Spirits are apparently great for helping produce rare items that you can use to craft things or for general exploration, helping to find hidden treasures or resources, and even helping to increase your fishing chances. But — most importantly — they're all adorable. Yes, even the bucket of sand and the funky beachball with glasses.

Moonstone Island is coming to Switch somewhen in 2023.

Are you charmed by Moonstone Island's unusual creatures? Which spirit is your favourite so far? Let us know below.