Snowboard Kids
Image: Atlus

Hold the phone, readers — it's Snowboard Kids' (Snowboard Kiiiiiiids~) 25th anniversary, and we now feel really ancient. More importantly, the game's publisher, Atlus, acknowledged the game's birthday by announcing that all the games' soundtracks would be available on streaming services on Christmas day!

If you missed out on this back in the day, Snowboard Kids is one of the greatest snowboarding games around — 1080 Snowboarding wishes it could be this good (we kid, we kid). But this colourful Mario Kart take on snowboarding saw you play as one of six racers — Slash, Nancy, Jam, Tommy, Linda, or Shinobin — each with a fun design and personality traits that meant each of us at Nintendo Life Towers has one we can relate to the most. (This writer always liked Nancy because look at those '90s-as-heck pink dungarees and those bunny ears — and she always donned a lot of pink on the slopes, too.)

And now we can relive our 1997-98 fantasy every single day, as Atlus has confirmed that the soundtracks to Snowboard Kids, Snowboard Kids 2, and SBK: Snowboard Kids will be uploaded to music streaming services on 25th December. A perfect announcement on a day when it's been snowing in parts of England — and now we have the perfect peppy soundtrack to accompany us on our winter walks.

While the upbeat mood and the small cast of characters were part of the fun, the 'Shot' system — weapons and items you could use to attack players — was perhaps our favourite aspect, because could also pick up support items, and carry both an offensive and support item on you at all times. This added an extra layer of strategy to item usage because you might need to hold onto a support item for later on.

There hasn't been a new entry in this series since 2005's DS entry, and we're crying out for something — anything. Perhaps Snowboard Kids can make its way onto the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass sometime next year?

Will you be listening to some glorious Snowboard Kids music in a few weeks' time? Yes, Christmas really is in just under two weeks... Share your Snowboard Kids memories with us in the comments!