White Switch Joy-Con
Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassl

It may come as no surprise that we here at Nintendo Life love the Switch. Did it manage to solve problems with portability that we didn't even know we had? Yes it did. Did it bring everyone back round to Nintendo when the Wii U had managed to do otherwise? You betcha. Is Joy-Con drift rapidly becoming the bane of our lives. Well, yeah kinda. Fortunately, we've made a video which addresses just that.

That's right, drift is still a problem, and we are still upset about it. There is no Switch issue so painful as trying to move one way while your on-screen character seems determined to move another, and that's all thanks to a little piece of dirt (dust, fluff, toast or otherwise) sneaking into the controller and ruining your day.

So how do we get out of this? Are we doomed to be slaves of the drift for all eternity? We think not - or, more accurately, the lovely Alex from our video squadron thinks not. This week, he has laid down the basics of Joy-Con drift, explaining how it comes about, how it can be avoided, and, most importantly, what companies can do in the future to ensure that it never happens again.

All this and more is shared in our recent video, which you can watch down below. Of course, Joy-Con drift is fixable (we even have a guide for how to do it yourself), but alternative approaches to controller development always pique our interest nonetheless.

Is the future of gaming really drift-free? You'll have to watch and find out!

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