Kickstarter is becoming home to some of the most interesting video games and projects, especially for those who have grown up playing video games for their whole lives. And the latest project we've spotted, LunarLux, has just reached its stretch goal to come to Switch — and it looks like the Game Boy Advance RPG we never knew we wanted. (Thanks Nintendo Everything!)

The game's Kickstarter has been live since 4th October, and is currently over 400% funded with a few more stretch goals to unlock, including a harder difficulty and a super boss!

Joining the ranks of classically-inspired Indie RPGs, LunarLux takes a leaf out of a different book compared to Sea of Stars, Chained Echoes, and CrossCode. Its heart is rooted firmly in its anime aesthetic, but its combat takes inspiration from both the Mega Man Battle Network's grid-based system and the Mario & Luigi series' combo system.

Developed by CosmicNobab Games — which is also behind the MegaMan Cosmic Network fan game — you'll get to explore the moon, along with a whole host of digital landscapes. The game combines both tactical turn-based moves and action-based combat to deliver something that, while proud of its inspirations, still looks and feels unique. There's lots of Undertale-style dodging and guarding too.

Outside of battle, you can interact with pretty much everything according to the developer's Kickstarter page. There are tons of inhabitants on Luna (Lunar and Luna, yes) all of whom have quirky alien designs or are suited up like they're straight from Gundam or, well... Mega Man Battle Network!

The Kickstarter has a few more days to go before it closes, but with a Switch release slated for Q3 2023, we've got to wait a bit longer before we blast off into space with this one.

What do you think of LunarLux? Does it look like a star in the making? Suit up and let us know in the comments!

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