Two Point Studios has announced the first major DLC expansion for Two Point Campus, called Space Academy.

Launching for Switch on December 12th, one week after other major platforms (of course), the DLC will features a boatload of new features, including anti-gravity simulations, space combat training, and the ability to harvest recourses from unknown planets like the parasitic species we are.

Here's some more info courtesy of Two Point Studios:

Players will start their extra-terrestrial adventures in Universe City, as they rebuild Two Point County’s defunct space program to bring it back to its former glory and will need your help on the frontlines of galactic defence, inter-dimensional diplomacy, and preparing the County for foreign life. Space Academy also features Two Point's first out-of-County campus, as you take up base on a suspiciously cheesy asteroid, and pillage it of its natural (and delicious) resources.

New classrooms like the Command Room will give your students the confidence to set phasers to stun, while the Battle Space will turn up the heat and let students duke it out with energy batons. You’ll need to attract (out of this) world class talent to fill your campus not only with burgeoning astronauts and space knights, but also alien students with a thirst for the forbidden knowledge of the galaxy...such as how Cheesy Gubbins are made.

It’s not a college without a party, and students will have ample opportunities with new events like hosting a sci-fi convention in your student union, watching the cosmic king of rock’n’roll, or joining a brand-new club with a time traveling twist. Two Point Campus is a charming university management simulator that tasks players with building and running the university campus of their dreams. From designing stylish dormitories to laying down ornamental pathways and gardens, players are given the freedom to pimp their Campus with new and easy-to-use creative tools to build their own educational masterpiece.

The DLC will be available for £8.99 and can be pre-ordered now.

Will you be picking up Space Academy for Two Point Campus? Share your thoughts in the comments below, cadets!