OLED in Hand
Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassl

The colossal holiday sale madness known as Black Friday or Cyber Week has just ended, with Cyber Monday wrapping up the weekend of deals.

Adobe Analytics has assembled a bunch of graphs and stats for this year's shopping trends, and to no one's real surprise, the Nintendo Switch is way up there as one of the most sought-after purchases. The Nintendo Switch was also one of the favourites from Black Friday in 2021.

Among the top purchases and searches over the weekend were:

It seems spending is slowing down overall, with just 2.5% growth from last year's revenue, but that's with a whopping $210 billion spent over the holiday weekend. Black Friday might seem like the holiday where people buy the most, but Cyber Monday pulled in almost $12 billion compared to Black Friday's $9 billion. You can read more insights on Adobe's blog.

Did you purchase a new Nintendo Switch or anything gaming-related over the weekend? Tell us in the comments — and let us know how much you saved. We love a good deal.

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