Shredder's Revenge
Image: Nintendo Life / Dotemu

Dotemu and Tribute Games' fantastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge has been updated to version 1.0.4, bringing with it a handful of small tweaks and bug fixes to help tighten up the brawler even more.

Shared on Steam by the developers (thanks, Nintendo Everything), many of these changes are for the PC version of the game, though others are for all console versions.

Like a delicious pizza, we just keep coming back for more, and this latest update allows for Party Codes, where you can create rooms for matchmaking with friends, to be shared online.

Here are the full patch notes for version 1.0.4:

Version 1.0.4, 7th November 2022

Party Codes (ONLINE):

- You can now share Party Codes (five letters only) for easier matchmaking with friends who can now jump in via Join Party Code. Those are displayed at the bottom of the host's party panel.

- The difficulty is now displayed for each lobby when looking for online games
- Remapped the kick button to prevent misclick in the host's party panel

- Fixed displaying Xbox glyphs when playing with a PS5 controller and the Steam Input feature disabled.

- Fixed long respawn delay after falling in holes in single-player mode

- Fixed rare issues with enemies becoming invincible when a player quits the game
- Fixed client-side Chrome Dome sometime invincible when it shouldn't be
- Fixed Krang's torso not receiving any damage from clients, only the host
- Fixed clients sometimes not unlocking a cameo that the host found
- Fixed infinite online sign-in when Epic Launcher isn't installed

- Fixed keyboard custom key binding only taking into account the first local player

We're still playing Shredder's Revenge months after it launched — it really is that darn good — but we're especially glad to see matchmaking made that much easier with friends online.

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