If you're a fan of 16-bit RPGs in the Chrono Trigger mould, you've probably been keeping an eye on Matthias Linda's upcoming Chained Echoes, a gorgeous-looking homage to that style of top-down RPG experience. Set in a world of mechs and dragons, it's been on our radars for a while, and it's finally got a release date: 8th December.

A new release date announcement trailer (above) shows off some of the characters, locales, and gameplay from the upcoming game, a one-man project which has been in development for the past seven years.

Game Pass subscriber on PC and Xbox, are you? Bully for you — this will be on the service on Day One. As compensation (well, maybe), PC, PS4, and Switch players will have the opportunity to buy the game physically through First Press Games in a series of increasingly lovely (and increasingly expensive) physical editions, ranging from the €49,99 Regular Edition to the €300 Super Limited Edition, pictured below. They're all available to peruse and order via First Press Games' website.

Chained Echoes Physical Switch
Looks lovely, which it should for that price. BlimeyImage: First Press Games

We spoke to Linda recently about the game and the inspirations behind it, so check that out if you're interested to know more.

Looking forward to this one? Ready to slam down 300 notes (or your regional equivalent) on that Super Limited Edition? Let us know below.