Listening String Paper Cup
Image: Andrea Piacquadio

It's been a little while, but as we roll into the final weeks of 2022, it's time once again for us to ask if you would take a few moments and do us a big favour by answering a few survey questions, as compiled by our partners over at ReedPop.

This year, they've really upped their game from the Survey Monkey days, too, with an embedded questionnaire that's easier than ever to complete. Just scroll down a bit... You see, that's it right there!

As a site funded only through advertising — which ReedPop takes care of on our behalf — it's important to potential advertisers that they have an accurate idea of the types of lovely people eyeballing these here webpages, and the feedback from the survey below helps them do just that.

All the information is anonymous, naturally, so if you have a few moments to spare now or over the next few days, we would massively appreciate you taking five minutes or so to complete the survey below:

See? Not too painful, right?..

Or did you just scroll down to read this? We still think you're a lovely person.