Developer Frogwares has unveiled the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened.

The game has been rebuilt from the ground up for modern platforms and takes Sherlock Holmes into Lovecraftian territory as he investigates a series of mysterious disappearances that plunges him into the heart of the Cthulhu Mythos. It's currently slated for release in "early 2023".

The new trailer shows off some interesting gameplay that certainly looks like a cross between Frogware's previous Sherlock Holmes titles and its Lovecraftian adventure The Sinking City. It goes without saying, however, that with the trailer being available in 4K resolution, the footage you're seeing is 100% not from the Switch version, so keep that in mind.

Here's a reminder of the key features from the game's Steam page:

- Investigate the Cthulhu Mythos as imagined by H.P. Lovecraft and face Eldritch horrors beyond human comprehension.

- Fight encroaching insanity as you pursue answers to questions that have no rational explanation whatsoever.

- Find clues that will lead you through the famous Baker Street in London, a haunting psych ward in Switzerland, the perilous Louisiana wetlands, and more.

- A reimagining of the 2008 title: Rebuilt from the ground up in Unreal Engine, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened boasts modern graphics and animations, an expanded storyline, numerous side quests and new mechanics including unique insanity gameplay.

Frogwares has previously spoken with Nintendo Life on the creation of games like The Sinking City, its handling of Switch ports, along with the challenges faced by the Ukrainian team during the wake of the Russian invasion earlier this year. Check it out below:

Will you be checking out Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened when it launches in early 2023? Let us know in the comments below!