Retro Goal 1
Image: New Star Games

New Star Games - the team behind the immensely addictive New Star Soccer and Retro Bowl - is looking to continue its winning streak with the release of Retro Goal later this month.

Much like the team's previous two games, Retro Goal promises to be a mixture of classic arcade sports play with some simplistic team management thrown in for good measure. Continuing the classic feel of Retro Bowl (a feature that earned the game 9/10 in our review), the upcoming title sees the world of 1990s video games brought back to the Switch, with everything playing out in crunchy 16-bit fashion.

Perhaps this will hit the sweet spot for those out there who want to get involved with the football spirit, but for whom the World Cup just isn't their cup of tea. With 496 different playable teams from around the world, there is bound to be some quality football content somewhere for you this month.

For a little more info about what the game has to offer, plus some screens showing the retro aesthetics, be sure to check out the following from New Star Games:

Retro Goal allows you to play it your way. From the Hollywood pass to the hospital ball, an absolute screamer or simple tap-in, will your game day skills match your managerial knowhow? Are you a great man manager or will you lose the dressing room? And most importantly will that new striker you’ve just signed be able to perform on a cold, wet, night in Stoke?

We have no official word on a release date or price for Retro Goal at the moment, but you can be sure that we will be hearing a whole lot more information before the ref blows their whistle in Qatar later this month!

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