Capcom's Resident Evil 4 is perhaps best known for revolutionising third-person action games, implementing an over-the-shoulder camera angle that not only revitalised the Resident Evil franchise, but inspired countless games since then to adopt a similar approach. Nothing big then, right..?

Aside from that, the 2005 classic is well known for its ingenius approach to inventory management. Rather than assign an item to a single slot like previous games in the series would do, Resident Evil 4 instead took on an approach that was clearly inspired by Tetris, requiring players to arrange their items to fit together according to how many 'blocks' they took up. For example, herbs and ammo would take up two blocks, whereas bigger items like shotguns or rocket launchers might takt up ten or more blocks. The concept was revived for Capcom's Resident Evil: Village, which is now available on the Switch in cloud form.

It was a novel idea, and clearly developer Fractal Projects thought the same, as it has now adapted the concept into a full game called Save Room. Here, you'll need to arrange items to fit into specific spaces without leaving any room to spare. To help you along, you can reload weapons to remove ammo from the table, and combine other items like herbs to reduce the number of total items at your disposal.

Save Room will launch on the Switch on November 11th for $4.99 EU 4.99.

Do you enjoy RE4's inventory management enough to play a full game of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below... STRANGER!