Sonic Frontiers
Image: Sega

Sonic Frontiers is out now for the Switch, but that hasn't stopped Sega from releasing a fresh new TV spot to showcase the game to prospective audiences.

It's pretty standard stuff for the most part, if a little cringey. It juxtaposes gameplay from Sonic Frontiers (quite clearly not the Switch version, by the way) with footage showcasing a mother and her son racing home from work/school so they can sit and play it whilst munching on some snacks. Aww.

We see the usual stuff from the game here, including grind rails, side-stepping, and the new 'Cyloop' ability, but what really sold the whole thing didn't even occur until the very last moment. After the advert shows off the game's box art, it cuts over to a cute little doggy (a Pomeranian, maybe..?) that screams "SEGA!" in the most ridiculous voice possible. Sound familiar? It should: the scream is a revival of the classic "Sega Scream" that used to accompany the company's advertisements.

Of course, the rest of the advert is the very definition of "meh", but the inclusion of the Sega scream was such a pleasant surprise, we simply has to highlight it here. Check it our for yourself:

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What do you think of Sega's new Sonic Frontiers TV spot? Has it convinced you to try out the game? Let us know with a comment!