Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Ceruledge
Image: The Pokémon Company

These Pokémon Scarlet and Violet glitches have really been something, right? At their best: hilarious, at their worst: game-breaking. But the one reaction that these bugs haven't tapped into is making us go 'awww'. That is, until now.

Indeed, it seems that some players have discovered a way to share the love with the Pokémon in their team. We are always quick to congratulate our 'mon after a battle with a berry, a stroke, a picnic, but what about when the trainer needs some comfort in return? Fortunately, it looks like you can get a hug from some of the wild creatures out there.

As shared by @OoCPokemon on Twitter, the games' complete inability to tell where any of their characters are at any given time has some perks, such as Ceruledge sometimes entering an idle animation when near you that looks suspiciously like you are receiving a well-intentioned (if not most-certainly lethal) hug.

This continues the glitch spotted by some players where it appears that you can share a kiss with Meowscarada (thanks, Eurogamer). In a trend that has made it's way around the internet at an alarmingly quick rate, when taking a picnic with your team, Meowscarada will sometimes appear to lean in for a kiss when you get too close. @outsider_gaming's tweet below gives a pretty good example.

Of course, this animation is completely unintentional, a product of the Pokémon leaning in for a chat with you and the subsequent hearts showing its enjoyment - we guess it was a really good chat. But it is true that if you stand that little bit closer, the moment looks all the more intimate.

Neither of these animations can be considered purposeful by any means but intentional or not, it is always nice to know that your team appreciates you back. Even if the signs of affection can be a little too far...

What is the best Scarlet and Violet glitch you have come across so far? Uncontrollably drop through the ground to the comments and let us know!

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