Donkey Kong
Image: Nintendo, Illumination

If you're hoping to see more Kongs in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, you're in luck. Eagle-eyed fans appear to have spotted Dixie Kong, Diddy Kong and Swanky Kong (Donkey Kong Country 3) in the new Donkey Kong promotional poster.

Diddy made his first appearance in Donkey Kong Country (1994) and Dixie followed in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest in 1995. Here's a closer look, courtesy of the Donkey Kong fan website, DK Vine:

In the latest game trailer, you might have also seen Cranky Kong and another character during the Mario Kart scene who resembles Funky Kong:

Do you think we'll see much of these other Kongs in the Mario Movie when it launches in cinemas next April? Did you spot any other Kongs? Leave a comment down below.