The Super Mario Bros. Movie Mario and Luigi
Image: Nintendo / Illumination

Yesterday's trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has once again got us all kinds of excited to see Nintendo's favourite plumber brought to the big screen - prepare to have us pointing out every reference like that one DiCaprio meme every three minutes. While this second look let us hear a little more of Chris Pratt's Mario and Charlie Day's Luigi (a duo to be excited for), it turns out that the film's Spanish voice actors will be taking the pair to another level of familiarity.

As voiced in Spain's second trailer (and there is no confirmation that this is final for the full film) Mario and Luigi are voiced by Guillermo and Rafa Romero respectively - which means, in case you hadn't guessed it yet, the Mario Bros. are being played by actual bros (thanks, Nintendúo)!

This became a whole extra level of meta when we discovered that Rafa Romero voiced Luigi in the dub of the 1993 live action movie - talk about dedication to the role!

Of course, this is only the trailer and the world of localised dubbing can be a vicious one. There is no 100% guarantee that the brothers will be the ones voicing the iconic plumbers when the full film is released in April, 2023. This being said, we hope that this fun nod will go the distance. We're sure that The Super Mario Bros. Movie will lean heavily on a touching and well-observed brotherly connection [*looks directly down the camera and shrugs*] and who better to take this on than real-life brothers?

After the first trailer and the subsequent reaction to Pratt's voice, the internet turned to international dubs to see how other actors were handling the mantle - France, we salute you. If you want to check out what the cast sounds like around the world, check out the article below.

Thank you to Juan from Nintendúo for the tip on this one!

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