Ed Sheeran
Image: The Pokémon Company

Honestly, we don't mind listening to singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran every now and then, but it seems not every Pokémon fan feels the same way.

A new mod for the latest releases Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has gone to the extent of removing - yes, removing - Ed's song 'Celestial' from the games. To add insult to injury, it's apparently the first mod that's been uploaded on a certain website... ouch!

The mod, simply titled 'Remove Sheeran', seems to have been tested with Violet, but it presumably works the same way with Scarlet. The author of the mod 'CrescentCrossbow', goes on to state how it's swapped Ed with Kōji Wada - who was known for his work on the Digimon soundtrack.

"Removes Ed Sheeran from the game and replaces him with Wada Koji (may he rest in peace).

"I cannot guarantee this works on Scarlet - it should, because why would the two versions of the game have differently indexed soundtracks? - but I can't be certain because I don't have a copy of Scarlet on me."

In a follow-up comment, the author explains the mod in a bit more detail - mentioning how Ed's song 'Celestial' features in the credits of the game, and the mod swaps it out with the "timeless classic Butter-Fly".

You can learn a bit more about Ed's song in our previous coverage, and see the music video below:

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