Overwatch 2
Image: Blizzard

Overwatch 2 launched as a free-to-play title last month, and it's not been the smoothest rollout. There were errors, reports of mass DDoS attacks and concerns raised about unlockables being secured behind a paywall. Blizzard even went to the extent of apologising to players for these launch issues with some free rewards and said it would "continue to listen" to the community.

With this in mind, Overwatch 2 players seem to now be getting sent surveys. According to one post on game's subreddit, this survey focuses a lot on the game's Battle Pass as well as the Overwatch store, which is filled with cosmetic microtransactions and more.

One user in the same thread, who also received the survey, said they provided an "honest" response in hope of adjustments:

vcrshark - "I got it and filled it out. I tried to be critical but honest since I was worried they’d toss responses that were “too angry.” Hopefully this signals they’re willing to adjust things but I have no idea at this point. The handling of this game has been disappointing (to say the least) so far."

Other reports suggest Blizzard has also been targeting players based on specific purchases in-game, with one user mentioning how they had been contacted after purchasing the game's Watchpoint Pack.

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