Overwatch 2
Image: Blizzard

In case you missed it, Overwatch has swapped to a free-to-play model with the release of the second title earlier this week, and that means there are some new microtransactions, like the premium battle pass. In other words, if you want to unlock certain cosmetics or get more out of the game, you might need to fork out real money.

It seems the grind has also been pushed to the limits because of this new model. A Reddit user by the name of 'Chibi Tracer' on the Overwatch subreddit has done some calculations, and apparently, it would take around 5 years or about 15,600 coins to unlock all of the nonseasonal items for the new hero Kiriko.

As explained in detail by Game Revolution, if you were to play Overwatch 2 entirely for free, it would take you about 260 weeks to earn all of Kiriko's nonseasonal unlocks - grinding the weekly challenges for the 60 coins reward.

And as for real money, you could potentially be paying around $150 USD or more for all of Kiriko's nonseasonal gear. And that's just one hero! Ouch! Here are the costs of the in-game coin prices in USD - 500 coins = $4.99, 1000 coins = $9.99, 2,200 coins $19.99, 5700 coins = $49.99 and 11,600 coins $99.99.

Although the microtransactions and premium battle pass might not be the best, the team-based gameplay that's carried across to the second game appears to be quite solid. Read more in our Nintendo Life review:

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