Tactics Ogre Reborn
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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

Rogue Legacy 2 (Cellar Door Games, 9th Nov, $24.99) - Anyone can be a hero in this sequel to the beloved roguelite game where the adventure changes with every playthrough. Whether you’re a lute-playing bard with vertigo or a colorblind knight, your goals are the same – gather countless riches, build up your castle and ensure your legacy. All your upgrades carry over to your heirs and each new successor wields their own personal traits and abilities. The Nintendo Switch version also includes the Fabled Heroes update, adding a ton of new content, including dozens of new sub-classes and items.

A Little to the Left (Secret Mode, 9th Nov, $14.99) - A Little to the Left is a cozy puzzle game in which players organize household objects into satisfying arrangements. A mischievous cat who likes to shake things up will appear from time to time to make a mess of any beautifully organized objects. There are more than 75 delightful puzzles to discover, many of which have multiple solutions.

Once Upon a Jester (Crunching Koalas, 9th Nov, $14.99) - Best friends Sok and Jester have devised a mischievous scheme to steal a Royal Diamond. But their plan hinges on receiving an invitation to join the famous Royal Theatrical Spectacle. They’ll have to improvise their way to fame and outperform every other act they encounter on the road. Their wacky, whimsical journey leads them across a fantasy kingdom full of silly characters and even sillier spectacles.

Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk and Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk (Forever Entertainment, 11th Nov, $7.99) - Enjoy a short story about what sort of challenges everyday little things can be. Help the girl buy milk and be the first to not disappoint her. The game is a small visual novel, showing either funny abstraction and wordplay or painful psychological episodes. This is an artistic manipulation with word and form, only then – a game. There are two titles included in this game, both the first and the second part of the series: Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk and Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn (Square Enix, 11th Nov, $49.99) - Tactics Ogre: Reborn takes place through the eyes of a young man named Denam. The decisions he makes will alter the fate of those around him and shift the course of Valeria’s history. Based on the 2010 release, the game features improved graphics and sound, as well as updated game design, bringing to life a new Tactics Ogre that remains true to its roots. Reborn and deeper than ever, the game enables players to immerse themselves in the world and intrigue of Tactics Ogre like never before.

Aragami 2 (Merge Games, 25th Nov, £34.99) - You are one of the last elite warriors of your kin, the Aragami. Victims of a supernatural affliction which corrodes the body and devours the mind, the Aragami use a mystical power which grants them the ability to control shadows. Carry out tasks and quests all along the valley to ensure the survival of your village and help to free Aragami from invader armies.

Switch eShop - New Releases

AAA Clock 2 (RedDeerGames, 3rd Nov, $9.99) - This autumn AAA Clock will prove once again that sequels can be just as extraordinary as the originals. Customize your clock and set up alarms in this engaging clock experience. There is more! Sink into the built in platformer game Jelly&Vulca. A continuation of the game first introduced in the original AAA Clock. Customize your character and set out on an epic adventure.

Adrian’s Tale (Badri Bebua, 3rd Nov, $15.00) - For this purpose the Hero has to travel a lot, search for various items and weapons as well as solve puzzles, fight against enemies and bosses.

Advent Calendar (Mindscape, 10th Nov, $24.99) - Imagine every morning waking up during the holiday season and you get to open a new fantastic surprise. A surprise which you can play all day, every day. Grow your stack of presents with 25 different games, which all give you that special joyful Christmas cheer. You will hardly be able to sleep because tomorrow another surprise is waiting for you. In ADVENT CALENDAR, each day you wake up to another challenging & exciting game. Many of these games you can also play with family and friends. ADVENT CALENDAR is the ultimate holiday season experience!

Arcade Archives ITAZURA TENSHI (HAMSTER, 4th Nov, $7.99) - "ITAZURA TENSHI" is an action game released by Nichibutsu in 1984. Control an angel and connect the stars to complete the constellation. Various enemies that get in the way can be defeated using the bow. When all the constellations are completed, RAN and LUM will appear. Make them hug well to get a bonus.

Arcade Machine: Gopher’s Revenge (QubicGames, 11th Nov, $2.49) - Gophers are here to avenge their brothers massacred by humans in cruel arcade machines! Your mission is simple: face the attack and take as many gophers with you as you can!

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration (Atari, 11th Nov, $39.99) - Join the celebration! Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration takes you on an interactive journey through 50 years of video games. At the heart of Atari 50 are the Interactive Timelines, which combine historical trivia, digital artifacts, over 60 minutes of new interviews, documentary footage, and playable games into one cohesive experience. When you encounter a game in the Timelines, you can immediately play it without losing your place. The massive selection of over 100 games spans seven different platforms: Arcade, 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8-bit computers, and, for the first time ever on modern consoles, Atari Lynx and Jaguar! Play the classics like Tempest 2000, Asteroids, and Yars' Revenge, or dive into some deeper cuts. Behind every game are the stories of Atari, what was happening at the company, and what went into the creation of the games and the hardware on which they ran, all told by the people who were there.

Awesome Platformers Bundle (5 in 1) (Drageus Games, 3rd Nov, $19.99) - SPIRIT ROOTS Your destination is on the outskirts of the stellar system, where a hundred years conflict created a unique situation: the small remaining parts of the two fighting planets had to be stitched together to create a surviving larger one. Welcome to the Stitched-Together Planet! Both populations agreed on one condition that should never be broken: nobody can cross the border that separates them. But what exactly happens if someone breaks the rule? That’s what you will find out! STEAMPUNK TOWER 2 Steampunk Tower 2 is a unique tower defense game set in the alternative Steampunk universe. There is a dragged-out world war with the enemy never seen before. Lord Bingham is coming back to the world arena and he needs a skilled commander. There is a secret base hidden in the mountains of Spain, with ginormous aircraft Carrier transporting the Battle Tower under your authority and also a team of specialists who execute special assignments.

Brain Memory (RedDeerGames, 11th Nov, $4.99) - Brain Memory improves on the classic formula of memory games. It lets you increase the difficulty level at your own pace, and customize challenges to one's taste. Our brains are the most important tools of the XXI century. Do your child a favor, and give thema gift that will help them reach their full potential.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days (Bushiroad, 17th Nov, $69.99) - The ultimate digital Vanguard experience that includes an original story set in the world of overDress! Includes over 1000 cards for the Standard format and animations exclusive to the game that heat up the fights. Compete with players worldwide with "Ranked Fight," play solo casually with "CPU Fight," and enjoy the game and experience the world of Vanguard at your own pace via many other fight modes. And, with its in-depth tutorial, complete beginners can join with ease!

Catacomb Kitties (mazette!, 3rd Nov, $5.99) - In a nutshell: - A micro RPG with about 2-4 hours of play for each run - Randomized worlds, dungeons, and cities - A cool personality profile at the end of each game based on your actions during play - 6 Kitty classes to choose from! Some are easier to use, some make the game so much harder. Experiment and find out which works best for you. You might be surprised! The purrfect 8bit RPG with Kittens - There is a Big Bad Evil (tm) that has come to destroy kitten land. A cosmic horror from beyond the litter box wastes. And only one brave hero hears the call, to come forth and put an end to all the suffering across the meowtiverse. Choose your class, name your kitty, and set off on an adventure! Be warned, you only have nine lives to live. If they run out, so does your game, and you'll have to start over again with a new kitten, in a new randomly generated world, with a whole new quest to complete.

Chalk Gardens (RedDeerGames, 11th Nov, $5.99) - You are a brave and imaginative child Talk to the plush and chalk-drawn creatures. Find blank hats and figure out how to get to harder to reach places. React to events Choose the best solution from one of three animals: the brave lion, the calm and patient turtle and the wise owl. Great game for kids Through great fun, take care of your children's social skills development, teach them patience and how to find the right solution.

Cyber Velocity Run (11Sheep, 10th Nov, $7.99) - You are thrown into a mysterious speedrunning facility where the journey begins. Handcrafted levels designed to be puzzling and unexpected. Everything can and will destroy you if you move too slowly. On top of everything whole place is being tracked. Find whos behind all this.

Finding America: The Heartland – Collector’s Edition (Ocean Media, 3rd Nov, $9.99) - Strap on your seatbelts for a trip to America's Heartland! From South Dakota’s monumental Mount Rushmore to the humble farmhouses of Kansas, this lovely slice of American pie will have something just for you. Visit jazz bars in Illinois, Wisconsin's cheese shops, and stunning national parks, all as lovingly crafted Hidden Object Scenes and challenging Minigames! Complete each chapter, unlock tons of trivia, and enjoy everything the Heartland has to offer in this all-American Hidden Object game!

Fluffy Horde (RedDeerGames, 11th Nov, $9.99) - You are the only thing standing between a magical rabbit-mancer "Shaman" and the complete annihilation of the Three Kingdoms. Fluffy Horde is a 2D side-scrolling game with a crystal clear goal. Defend against a magical bunny horde with hyper-breeding tendencies. Halt their offensive or die of embarrassment. Stop the armies of fluffiness by commanding your warriors, archers and. . . many insane individuals. Seriously we even got a humanoid carrot that will take a rabbit bullet for you. If you free enough cities, you might even discover the reason behind this insane invasion. First Rabbit War starts in 3. . . 2. . . 1!

Garfield Lasagna Party (Microids, 15th Nov, $39.99) - 32 mini-games to discover across emblematic environments such as Garfield's house, the pizzeria, Liz’s veterinary clinic. . . Our friends Garfield, Odie, Arlene et Nermal have taken on an enormous challenge: to participate in a gigantic lasagna party! A wide variety of crazy games are on the menu: throw snowballs, navigate obstacle courses, slice pizzas. . . Anything to get ahead of your opponents: win the mini-games, roll the best dice throws. . . and multiply the low blows by using objects! Garfield Lasagna Party invites you to play a party game set in the world of everyone's favorite fat orange cat. With 32 mini-games and 3 play modes, the fun never ends! A game for the whole family, whether you like lasagna. . . or not!

Geometric Feel the Beats (QUByte Interactive, 10th Nov, $4.99) - Don't like dying over and over again? Then your problems are over! In “Geometric Feel The Beat” you don't have to worry about that, you have fun fulfilling the missions and accumulate points. The accumulated rank points are not just for you to show others your rank, they are also used to buy your ship's upgrades. Rating points can make you use the rating, so be careful when buying, but buying upgrades makes your life in the game easier. Here you decide! Watch out for the Power-ups that are in the level, they are accompanied by big surprises!

Geometric Sniper (Silesia Games, 10th Nov, $2.99) - In lively and varied environments, designed exclusively for this game, you will not have a second chance, precision is everything! When taking the mission, pay attention to the photo and information obtained by secret agents about your target. As a Sniper, you need to have a good memory to find and eliminate the target in the crowd before it runs away and makes another victim. In all game modes the locations of targets and objects are random, so you can have a lot more fun!

Godlike Burger (Daedalic Entertainment, 2nd Nov, $19.99) - In Godlike Burger you run the craziest restaurant of the galaxy! Stun, poison and kill customers in many devious ways… and turn them into burger meat! And don’t worry: Alien customers will keep coming if you are smart about it, because cannibalism is just too damn tasty. Godlike Burger puts you in the shoes of a maniac chef who makes the best burgers in the universe. The secret ingredient? The customers themselves! Run the restaurant, cook delicious burgers and kill lots of aliens. But be careful – leave no witnesses uncooked!

It’s Kooky (RedDeerGames, 11th Nov, $9.99) - The black-and-white doodle art-style images make for a challenging game. Do jellyfish wear shoes? Find characters and objects all over the doodle map that don't actually connect. Hurry up! The clock is ticking. The farther into the forest. More levels will be unlocked after collecting the required points. It's going to get harder and harder because time is chasing and you have more and more silly characters to find.

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection (Coatsink Software, 10th Nov, $29.99) - Jurassic World Aftermath Collection is a suspenseful survival adventure. Crash-landing on Isla Nublar after the fall of the Jurassic World theme park, players find themselves trapped in an abandoned research facility when their mission to recover valuable information goes disastrously wrong. To survive, they’ll need to explore and solve puzzles while evading a menagerie of ferocious dinosaurs, including ravenous Pteranodons, cunning Velociraptors and the terrifying T-Rex. Will you escape Isla Nublar?

Kanjozoku Game レーサー - Car Racing & Highway Driving Simulator Games (Midnight Works, 3rd Nov, $5.99) - Explore an amazing world of racing by new legendary cars and by completing fun challenges ! It is in your best interest to climb the racers ladder up and reach top 1 ! You are in charge of the transmission, you are the real racer everybody is afraid to compete against!

Lord of the Click III (ChiliDog Interactive, 11th Nov, $4.99) - Let’s do it thrice! Hell yeah! As you might have already guessed, it’s the third coming of the legendary Lord of the Click series — and now it’s a trilogy. Is there anything more to add? But of course! LotC 3 concludes the epic story of our Clicker General who wages war against all enemies of the peaceful and prosperous kingdom! Kazakh game developer improved the game’s formula with a solid amount of new features: new way to summon units, plenty of meaningful upgrades and updated visuals so you can enjoy the pastoral cartoonish landscapes with fierce battles raging on. You know you want to experience Lord of the Click once more with all these shiny new additions!

Lost Chiko (Weakfish Studio, 5th Nov, $5.99) - Lost Chiko is 2D Adventure Game. Our main character, Chiko, is lost in this universe. And it has to get somewhere. Previous explorer Chickens are failing in this adventure, and you'll see them as you travel through this adventure, and they're probably not very lively.
But Chiko is different from them. You need to help him in this adventure. Try to finish the game by defeating the enemies and finding the right items on the large designed maps. Join this adventure through Forests, Caves and Snowy mountains!

Lunistice (Deck 13, 10th Nov, $4.99) - Lunistice is a linear 3D platformer that is heavily inspired by the 32-bit era of yesteryear. Follow Hana the Tanuki on her adventure through her dreams! Explore the different dreamscapes to guide her to her final destination - The Moon - and try to uncover the secrets of "The Lunistice" along the way! Explore a multitude of different dreamscapes created from Hana's memories! Jump and run through an old shrine, a fancy water park or a world made out of food

Machinika Museum (Plug In Digital, 10th Nov, $0.00) - Machinika Museum is a mystery game where you discover beautiful and mysterious alien machines in an atmospheric, galaxy-spanning 3D puzzle game. In a distant future, finding machines from unknown civilizations is not unusual, especially in a museum dedicated to them. Your job is to receive these devices and to understand how to repair them. But this time, something is different. You have not been given any information, and this seems to be rather urgent... What are these machines? Who sent them? Why won't anyone give you any answers? You will have to find for yourself which secrets and stories are hidden behind these mechanisms

Montgomery Fox And The Case Of The Missing Ballerinas (Ocean Media, 4th Nov, $14.99) - When the ballerinas mysteriously vanish from the theatre, Detective Montgomery Fox jumps into action. Now, he must sift through clues to discover who is pulling the strings. However, the path for cunning detective Fox won't be smooth. Meet various characters, question them and write your clues in your diary. Visit dozens for locations and search through hundreds of hidden objects and items while you solve riddles and play mini-games in this hidden object adventure game! Play it by yourself or with your kids, this game makes a perfect choice for every hidden object fan. Enjoy bright and lighthearted levels and locations, with no time limit or pressure of any kind.

Moving Out Deluxe Edition (Team17, 3rd Nov, $32.99) - Become a removals master with the Moving Out Deluxe Edition! In this edition you will receive Moving Out, Employees of the Month Pack, and Movers in Paradise!

MULTIVERSEPOOL (Amazing, 10th Nov, $3.49) - With a support line that shows the trajectory of the ball, even first-time players and those who are not good at the game can enjoy the game. Experience billiard game with realistic motion! There are three modes to choose from: "Tournament," "Single Mode," and "Battle Mode. " Aim for a high score at your own pace or compete with other players or rival characters! !

My Time at Portia Deluxe Edition (Team17, 3rd Nov, $31.99) - Settle in and live your best life with the My Time at Portia Deluxe Edition. Inspired by the magic of Studio Ghibli, My Time at Portia has something for everyone. Set in a charming post-apocalyptic world of wonder that you won't forget, you can spend your time exploring new lands, or by treasure hunting in the ancient ruins and dungeons. If the call of adventure isn’t your style, you can grow crops on your own farm, tend to your animals or even spend your days fishing for the greatest catch. It’s your choice how you play!

NEO GEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION Vol.2 (SNK, 9th Nov, $39.99) - This collection contains ten titles in total, including four that are currently sold separately—meaning six new titles have been added! Play through a varied lineup of genres from sports, puzzles, table games, and more! Features Re-wind functions so game overs are a thing of the past! Take on a friend in either Tabletop or Handheld Modes!
(Not available for some titles)

Orbital Bullet (Assemble Entertainment, 10th Nov, $19.99) - Orbital Bullet is a fast paced 360° action-platformer with rogue-lite elements, where all actions take place in a circular pattern. Fight your way through a variety of procedural planets and use body modifications, crafting, upgrades and heavy weaponry.

Paper Bad (Entity3, 4th Nov, $0.99) - Complete your delivery round by causing as much damage as you can! Take the shot and watch it all destroy! Unlock new weapons, characters and worlds!

Pet Shop Snacks Premium Edition (Baltoro Minis, 11th Nov, $5.99) - Welcome to Pet Shop Snacks! Upgrade your bar, beautify it and stock up on the very best ingredients. Let your restaurant be the talk of the town! Learn crazy recipes from the famous dog star chef! Deliver orders on time, but be careful not to mix them up! This bundle includes base game and expansion pack #2.

Pixel Game Maker Series ANGEL’S BLOOD (Gotcha Gotcha Games, 10th Nov, $9.99) - The girl with the strength to defeat large androids with a single blow, Minase Akari. The rebel with the hacking skills to survive in an AI-controlled society, Sakura Kurono. A connection borne in battle and strengthened through the desire to destroy the Command Angel AI. Enjoy seeing their attempts to understand each other as their journey continues to an exciting climax!

Pocket Mini Golf 2 (QubicGames, 11th Nov, $4.99) - Pocket Mini Golf 2 will provide many hours of simple yet addictive gameplay solo or with friends! Explore multiple mini-worlds thriving with life! Colorful oceanic landscapes, crazy laboratories, secret gardens, toystores - visit them all and collect gems to buy new skins, whacky sounds, and visual effects!

Police Simulator 2023 (SC Ovilex Soft, 7th Nov, $19.99) - This new police simulator offers you gigantic cities to explore, several types of missions and countless vehicles, upgrades and officers. Drive around the open world maps or get out of the car, control your officer and have fun in our ultimate police simulator game. Pick your favorite car and complete missions or just free-roam the huge maps. You will have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, ranging from regular cars and classic police cruisers to more exotic supercars and hypercars. You can even drive some massive SWAT trucks!

Run Sausage Run! (QubicGames, 11th Nov, $4.99) - Play as the tasty sausage of your choice. Weisswurst or blutwurst, bacon or chocolate… even president or ninja! Run for your life and avoid getting sliced, chopped, burned, or smashed in this adventure run game!

Sausage Wars (QubicGames, 11th Nov, $4.99) - Careful - it’s a hot-dog-eat-hot-dog world out there. So fight to the death and push them all till your enemies are oozing Tomato Blood!! Release to head-bang and push enemy sausages into sausage wars battle obstacles like sharp tools, kitchen sinks, garden fire, or off the counter to their doom. The crowded city is overcrowded and we need to empty it! Try to push them all, fight and smash those sausages to smithereens! Don’t forget your hot-diggity-dog victory dance at the end of each sausage wars battle level! Make sure you become the biggest wiener in town!

Save Room (Ratalaika Games, 11th Nov, $4.99) - When you enter a Save Room you know you are safe, no danger can come to you, you can relax. Take advantage of this short period of time to organize your inventory, heal your wounds and reload your weapons. Can you make all the items fit in your inventory? Save Room is an organizational puzzle about arranging your inventory of weapons, ammo, and other items to fit in your inventory. - Read our Save Room review

SMURFS KART (Microids, 15th Nov, $39.99) - That is the question you will need to answer in this dynamic kart racing game in the world of Smurfs! The whole family can choose one Smurf, its kart and special power, then you’re ready to go on wild races! Make the best start, find shortcuts, and use the right items at the right time to pass your opponents! Play solo or with friends and family, should you be a beginner or the most trained driver… you can get 1st place and show others who the fastest Smurf of all time is!

Snow Madness (Erik, 3rd Nov, $9.99) - This game provides an easy-to-play and fluent experience to player/players through both "Single-Player" and "Local 2-Player" mods. In order to succeed in levels, you will need to get rid of unique enemies with your snowballs. Snow Madness brings fun and competitiveness together and makes you experience an old-school atari game sensation. Select the appropriate difficulty level and start to have fun!

Space Ducks: The great escape (Flynns Arcade, 10th Nov, $4.99) - In Space Ducks: The great escape, complete challenging Sokoban-like puzzles, by moving the Space Ducks in the right sequence, in order to reach the power source their ship requires and travel to the next planet. But tread lightly, as walking on loose ground will propel into space what ever is standing on the other side. One duck's progress could mean another duck´s demise! And even if a duck goes solo (years of living on precarious planets have turned the ducks into a somewhat callous people), remember that their is no escaping gravity and that one false move could bring your mission to a crashing conclusion.

Stack Up! (or dive trying) (PixelConflict, 2nd Nov, $9.99) - Stack Up! (or dive trying) is the debut title by Italian Indie Studio PixelConflict, a light hearted and intense platformer with varying difficulty levels all made for casual play or record breaking runs. The objective is simple, get as high as you can and NEVER touch the water below you. Go at it solo or put your pride on the line by challenging your friends by planning smart, treading carefully and building your way up with the objects falling around you.

Super Chicken Jumper (eastasiasoft, 16th Nov, $4.99) - The world is in danger. Evil forces from the past have come to destroy our planet and the only individual that Mrs. President trusts to save our lives is a super skilled spy-chicken. Take the role of this feathered secret agent as he defends the free world from doom in a run ‘n’ gun action experience that’s got a little bit of everything, with a touch of chicken and anime girls on top. Traverse 6 unique worlds and shoot your way through tons of enemies until you become a legend.

Tankorama (Ocean Media, 3rd Nov, $9.99) - The Future… Earth is attacked by rebels from Venus. They took the Moon and are now ready to attack Earth! Squadron 69 is the last line of Earth’s defences! TANKORAMA is an old school arcade top-down shoot ‘em up game but with modern graphics. You can control three HOVERING TANKS, each has its own strength and weaknesses so use them wisely. During the fight collect Power-Ups, buy Megabombs and use them, destroy various enemies and high-value targets. Upgrade tanks to finish all FIVE Chapters, each consist of THREE Levels and one unlockable Bonus Level. Defeat all FIVE Bosses and achieve ultimate victory against Venusian aggressors! Collect victories and points, compete with friends and other gamers, be the best warrior on Earth!

Tempoknight (Weakfish Studio, 12th Nov, $7.99) - Tempoknight is 2D Wave-Based Endless Fighting Game, Design your character the way you want! and join the Battles! The game will accelerate at a fast pace and will become increasingly difficult. Strive to beat your previous score! Defeat your Enemies on 3 Maps! Don't underestimate them, your opponents will get harder and harder. You have to be fast and analyze your enemies well. You might get a blow to the head unexpectedly!

The Bounty Huntress (Ratalaika Games, 15th Nov, $4.99) - In this Metroidvania-style game, Rhea is a bounty huntress with a task to save people kidnapped in the City of Vaunard. They have been taken to the mysterious Aresdale castle. Rhea has many special skills that will help her accomplish this difficult task. Help her rescue these people and to bring peace to the city of Vaunard. With monsters infesting the corridors in Aresdale castle, you will have to be careful to make it back alive. Besides dangers, this castle also hides several rewards.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker (Cooking And, 2nd Nov, $4.99) - The legend tells the story of a young girl who appears mysteriously on dangerous curves of the road. Make different choices to discover all the alternate endings and find out how the story unfolds.

Timore 5 (Vidas, 3rd Nov, $12.99) - Dreams Are What Our Brains Show Us In Our Sleep. From Long Distant Memories to Our Deepest Fears. They hold our secrets within us and keep them inaccessible to others. That's About to Change. Timore 5 is an indie horror game, 5th one in Timore series. A scientist named Frank has done a lot inventing new things, but his experiments aren't without consequences. In this game Frank will try to record his dreams and convert them to computer data, allowing him to review his dreams later, but the experiment might not go as planned...

Volleyball Trainer: The Legend of Sports (Cooking And, 3rd Nov, $3.99) - Become the best volleyball coach and lead your team to success! Play this adventure where card games are combined with the mythical Arcade mini-games. You will have to be agile and think fast if you want to win all the tournaments and take the victory.

Windosill (Vectorpark, 11th Nov, $9.99) - Explore a series of landscapes populated by objects and creature that come alive with your engagement. Push, pull, drag, toss, and spin your way through ten tactile puzzles—your curiosity will be rewarded by moments of surprise and delight. Designed to be completed in a single afternoon, Windosill is suitable for kids and imaginative adults alike.

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