Mega Man 11
Image: Capcom

Like Mario and Sonic, Mega Man has also been around for an incredibly long time now. The Blue Bomber has celebrated all sorts of milestones over the years, and the latest announcement from his parent company Capcom is rather big.

As of 30th September this year, the latest mainline entry Mega Man 11 has now officially become the best-selling Mega Man game of all time - with 1.60 million units sold across all platforms. It's managed to dethrone Mega Man 2 after all these years.

Mega Man 2 originally debuted on the Famicom / NES in 1988, which calculates to around 34 years for another game to finally catch up and surpass its record of 1.51 million units sold.

Of course, it's worth considering the fact Mega Man 11 was available in both physical and digital form and has also been accessible across every modern platform since launching in 2018. In our Nintendo Life review, we said the eleventh entry was a glorious return to form for one of gaming's greatest heroes:

This is a great way to kick off the Blue Bomber's 35th anniversary celebrations, which officially get underway next month. Capcom has already revealed the anniversary logo in the lead-up to this, as well as some themed merchandise.

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