Live A Live
Image: Square Enix

Live A Live, Square Enix's RPG remake, has just been updated, bringing the game up to Version 1.0.1.

There isn't a great deal here, but we've got a few notable bug fixes that should put a smile on your face if you've been encountering any issues or annoyances during your time with the game.

Here's the full breakdown (thanks, Nintendo Everything):

- Fixed a bug that corrupted Mimic Mammet’s Ability data when carrying over save data from the demo version.

- Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to save during the ending in Dominion of Hate when attempting to get each protagonist’s ending, causing their save data to exceed a certain amount.

- Removed settings that prevented screen captures in certain areas.

- Made several other minor bug fixes.

So there you go, that's yer lot! If you haven't checked out Live A Live yet, we highly recommend you do so at some point. We thought it was a cracking RPG in our review and is well deserving of your time.

Anything here that catches your eye? Have you found any notable bugs in Live A Live? Let us know with a comment.