Cast your mind back to 2009, if you can. It was a Wii year, with Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and Mario Kart Wii dominating the charts, and indie games were really kicking off, with niche-but-beloved games like Flower, Canabalt, and Minecraft (okay, fine, that one's not niche any more) all being released within months of each other.

Among those games was a brilliant little surreal toy-puzzle called Windosill, which you may not have heard of. It's a game by vector artist Patrick Smith, who would later go on to make a similar game called Metamorphabet, and even if you haven't played it, you'll recognise the games that drew on Windosill as an influence — Monument Valley, Donut County, Alto's Adventure, and Blek have all publically acknowledged Windosill as one of their guiding stars.

All of which to say that Windosill is coming to the Nintendo Switch — a perfect home for the bright, simple lines of the game, if you ask us. Developer Patrick Smith has even said that the game is "redesigned for controllers" and now supports two-player co-op, plus "tasteful rumble effects" and a "dynamic gravity mode" that uses the Switch's accelerometer. There's even an art gallery of "Windosill-adjacent paintings" to find!

You can download Windosill on the Nintendo Switch eShop from the 11th of November.