Idea Factory International has announced that it's bringing the unique, adorable-looking 3D shooter Little Witch Nobeta to the West in the spring of next year. This new take on the third-person shooter, developed by Pupuya Games and Simon Creative, may look cute on the surface, but there are some frightening monsters lurking within the mysterious castle.

As Nobeta, an amnesiac witch, you'll be guided by a little black cat throughout this castle to find out what you're doing there while trying to regain your memories. Playing with an over-the-shoulder camera view, you'll need to explore every crevice while taking out monsters with your magic stave — and you don't just swing it either. Instead of using a gun or a bow, Nobeta can cast ranged magic from a distance.

With dodge mechanics and puzzles to solve, Little Witch Nobeta combines multiple genres to create an unusual shooter with a very different aesthetic. And, for more on the game, check out the key features coming when it launches in English in Spring 2023:

Better. Faster. Stronger. Witchier. – The castle is full of mighty monsters and even mightier bosses. As you progress, your adversaries will get stronger, so you'll need to as well. Collect Soul Essences from defeated enemies and use them to strengthen your abilities and take down the Crafted Souls!

Get Crafty! – The bosses known as Crafted Souls will present a huge challenge, and they won't be easy to take down. You'll need to develop a strategy if you want to beat them. Dodge their attacks at just the right time to take control of the battle.

Magical Mystery Tour – On your journey, you may find your path blocked. Use your mastery of elemental magics to solve puzzles and unlock new areas of the castle to explore. You may even find some hidden treasure lying around.

The Truth is in There –Collect items around the castle and learn more about Nobeta's dark and mysterious world

Budding witches will be able to pick up a Limited Edition or Day One edition when the game gets a proper release date. Details of these will drop on the Idea Factory store in the future, so make sure you cast your reminder spells to check back in! However, we do know that if you pre-order the game through the store, you'll get a limited edition trading card.

If all of that has you as curious as a cat, then make sure you check out the gameplay overview trailer up top!

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