Publisher Ravenage Games and developer Vixa Games is bringing its absurd twin-stick shooter The Crackpet Show to the Switch, and we can exclusively reveal that it will launch on December 15th, 2022.

The game will star a roster of mutated animals who will need to compete in a TV show and unleash mayhem in glorious, gory style. You'll be working to earn "likes", sponsership deals and true celebrity status in the game's full campaign mode along with "Endless Mode", which will be available either as a solo venture or with up to three friends via couch co-op and online play.

Composer Jerome Rossen, who previously worked extensively on the TV show Happy Tree Friends, is behind the music for The Crackpet Show, and said the following regarding his involvement:

"It’s been super fun writing theme music for The Crackpet Show,” says Jerome. “The characters are hilarious. You pick your favorite one, then try to blow everyone else to bits! The gameplay is cool. In a way, it picks up where the Happy Tree Friends left off!”

In the meantime, here are a few features to give you a flavour of what the game is all about:

- Rogue-lite Shoot-em-up Showdown - Play around with scores of enemies, weapons, perks and items in randomized map layouts with randomized drops. Cut your teeth against carnivorous bosses that’ll test your ability to think on your feet.

- The Bloodiest and Most Bizarre TV Show On Air - Your favorite cute and colorful gore cartoons are brought to life! Don’t miss your opportunity to turn a pink rabbit into a harbinger of death.

- Enjoy Solo or With Friends - Play the game alone or have some friends join you. Strategize, fool around and steal your friends’ items and power-ups. Become famous while having fun!

Will you be checking out The Crackpet Show when it launches on Switch next month? Sound off in the comments below!