Disney Dreamlight Cryptic Tweet

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans will already know that the next update isn't due for another week, on December 6th, but perhaps you'll also have seen this cryptic emoji tweet from the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account:

Of course, this could mean absolutely anything, but players are always hoping that new content will be added to the Early Access game, so here are some potential translations:

  • A new area added to the Dreamlight Valley map (the rocket means "launch")
  • A new trailer for the Toy Story content ("infinity and beyond"?)
  • Toy Story content drops early (unlikely)
  • An announcement for future updates ("launch map")
  • Treasure Planet content added to the game (because... space, and because Treasure Planet turned 20 on November 27th, 2022)
  • Peter Pan content (because... compass?)
  • A new Star Path themed around space

...Or it could be something else entirely. All we know for certain is that something to do with Disney Dreamlight Valley will happen on Wednesday, 30th November — and you can bet that we'll be covering it when it does.

What do you think it means? Let us know in the comments below!