Overwatch 2 Mei
Image: Blizzard

Just over a week after Blizzard reinstated Torbjörn and Bastion in Overwatch 2, the developer is now having to remove another hero from the game — and she'll be gone for two weeks.

Mei's Ice Wall has been found to have a bug, which currently other heroes can use to reach "unintended locations" when combined with their own abilities, Community Manager Craig shared over on the Blizzard Forums. Sound pretty useful, maybe a bit too useful for something that's intended as a shield.

As a result, Mei is being removed from the game until 15th November to freeze this bug in its tracks. She'll be re-added to the game when the next patch goes live on this day.

This is just one of a handful of issues that Blizzard has been dealing with since the F2P game's launch last month. The company has apologised for the problems since it dropped, and while it's ironing out the kinks, it also wants to know what players think of the game so far:

Did you get a chance to exploit this bug in-game? Are you a Mei main? Thaw out in the comments below.

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