Monster Hunter Rise
Image: Capcom

Timi Studio Group has announced that it is teaming up with Capcom to bring the world of Monster Hunter, once again, to mobile.

The studio has previously worked on projects such as the mobile edition of Pokémon Unite and Call of Duty Mobile - there is a fair amount of experience behind the reins on this one - though it will mark its first partnership with Capcom.

Timi has confirmed that the game is currently in development, though any news of a release date is yet to be disclosed. In fact, there is a lot that we still don't know about the title. The studio has stated that the upcoming mobile game will "offer players a new game experience unique for mobile devices and phones," with an aim to "give global hunters - experienced or new - the freedom to hunt as they desire, anytime and anywhere."

While still pretty vague, this statement suggests that the game will take a step away from the big world gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise for an approach more catered for the smaller hardware - something that we always appreciate.

Of course, this is not the first time that Monster Hunter has attempted to make the (sun)break onto mobile devices. An iOS/Android port of Monster Hunter Stories is still out in the wild, while titles such as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Riders are slightly less memorable (the latter announced that it was ending services earlier this year). Here's hoping that with Timi on board, this latest attempt can muster a little more longevity.

While there is very little information available on the mobile game at the moment, we will be sure to keep you updated as more features are announced.

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