Aliisha: The Oblivion Of Twin Goddesses 1
Image: Loftstar Interactive

Aliisha: The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses caught our attention late last year for having a pretty unique co-op mode. Instead of solving puzzles on two separate Switch consoles in handheld mode, one person uses the Joy-Con in docked mode, and the other uses the Switch in handheld mode. And we'll get to try it out for ourselves pretty soon, as publisher Loftstar Interactive Entertainment has announced that the game will finally be launching as a Switch exclusive on 24th November!

A game that actually uses the Joy-Con in interesting ways? Count us in. You'll need to solve puzzles — either alone or with a friend in couch co-op — by using your controller in different ways. There are head-scratching puzzles for sure, but it's all wrapped up in a lovely art style and a heartfelt story about two sisters. It's going to make us tear up, isn't it?

Aliisha: The Oblivion Of Twin Goddesses 2
Image: Loftstar Interactive

Aisha will be controlled by the player using the TV, and their job is to explore the world. Lisha will operate a "robotic interface" (see that art? That's a Switch! *gasp*) to aid her sister, which is done by the undocked player.

You have to have two Switch consoles to play with a friend — so no single Switch co-op experience here — which is a bit of a shame, but it's pretty novel. If you're playing single-player, you'll alternate between controlling Aisha and Lisha yourself.

While you wait to start solving puzzles with your sister (or whoever you deem your IRL co-op partner to be), why not have a look at some of this lovely concept art, which features what might be the grumpiest, cutest duck-like thing we've ever seen?

Adorable, right? Aliisha: The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses launches on the Switch on 24th November.

Do you have someone to team up with at the end of the month? Let us know what you think about the game in the comments!