Analogue Pocket Pokemon
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life/Nintendo

The Analogue Pocket platform has become a hub for a bunch of wonderful cores that allow us to play classics in the palm of our hands — literally. Now, it looks like a pretty unusual FPGA core is coming to the system: the Pokémon Mini, a tiny little handheld console that launched in 2001.

Time Extension spotted the tease on Twitter from well-known Analogue Pocket core porter Adam Gastineau. The core was originally developed by Nick Tasios, but will also be available to download for your Analogue Pocket sometime soon. So, alongside your NES, Game Boy/Game Boy Colour, SNES, Mega Drive, and Neo Geo cores, you've now got Nintendo's smallest, lightest-ever handheld coming to the system.

Only ten games ever released for the system in English — and only four officially made it to America, with an additional one making the jump to Europe.

The Pokémon Mini has become a popular device in the homebrew community — back in 2005, a demo for a game called SHizZLE caught people's attention at Breakpoint. Perhaps we'll see even more of these on the system. More recently, a horror developer launched a Kickstarter to create a game for the tiny little Pokémon Mini.

For details on the Analogue Pocket, make sure you give Time Extension's review of the system a read.

Did you own a Pokémon Mini? Will you be grabbing this core when it drops? Catch us in the comments!

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