Image: Nintendo Life

The largest Pokémon-themed collection in the world - comprised of video games, trading cards, plush and much more - is reportedly being auctioned off.

An "anonymous" woman from Hertfordshire in England will auction more than 20,000 items as a "single lot" later this month on October 18th. A local auction firm believes the collection could bank up to £300,000 (around $340K USD).

The seller says she's parting ways with the collection due to "financial reasons", but intends to hang onto some sentimental items. The Guinness World Record certificate attached to the collection will be displayed at a pop culture exhibition at the Hertford Museum.

Although it's unclear who exactly is selling, more than a decade ago, an English pocket monster fan made headlines after becoming the biggest Pokémon collector. Hmm...

Do you have a game collection or something similar that might have some value to it? Would you ever part with your own collection for a price? Leave a comment down below.

[source bbc.com]