Alan Wake Remastered
Image: Epic Games

Not so long ago, we brought you the NL verdict on Alan Wake Remastered, the long-rumoured port of last year's PS5, Xbox Series, and PC rerelease of Alan Wake. And it's still a classic, for sure, but there are some rough edges to be found in this version of the game.

To show you what we mean, we've managed to capture 15 minutes of the game for you lovely lot. We don't want to discourage you — this is still a worthy port for those who've never experienced the game and who don't have access to other consoles. And playing Alan Wake in bed with a mug of tea sounds like a lovely Halloween treat. But just how much does the visual downgrade affect the overall atmosphere?

Check out our footage below, which shows you what some of the environments, character models, and cutscenes look like in the first hour of the game, and let us know if you're considering picking up Alan Wake's surprise release on Switch in the comments!