Around this time last year, we heard of the formation of QUByte Classics - a partnership between Publisher QUByte and Piko Interactive - and we have subsequently seen a whole host of classic 8- and 16-bit titles brought back to the Switch (The Humans, Tinhead, Jim Power: The Lost Dimension, amongst others). Well, another is set to join the scarcely-discussed collection this week, as The Samurai Collection (QUByte Classics) comes to Switch on 3rd November, 2022.

The collection brings together two beat 'em ups from the 1990s: First Samurai and Second Samurai. Originally released in 1991 for the Amiga and Atari ST, the first of these titles was later ported to the SNES, while its 1993 follow up came only to the Amiga and SEGA Mega Drive.

As seen in the above trailer, The Samurai Collection brings back some old school platforming as you will have to fight your way through a series of enemies accompanied by some even older school-sounding tunes.

For more information (albeit, a very small amount) and some more screens of what the collection has in store, check out the following details from QUByte Interactive:

Experience the ultimate in martial arts mayhem as the Samurai confronts the Demon King in an all action adventure game. Explore the massive levels, secret zones and defeat your enemies! Combining beat'em up combat with platform puzzling and awesomely evil level bosses, The Samurai Collection is a monster of a game!
And never forget The Code of the Samurai: Live by the sword, die by the sword!

Game Features
- Beautiful Pixel Graphics
- Incredible Levels and Boss fights
- Prehistoric and Futuristic Settings

The Samurai Collection will release on the Switch eShop on 3rd November for the relatively small price of £8.99 / 9.99€. While the game is likely to be added to the pile of other largely-unremembered titles that the studio has brought to Switch, it's not as if you will have to part with too much money if you are curious about taking it for a spin.

Have you played any of these re-released classics? Let us know in the comments below!