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Well folks, we're back with another review round up, and this time it's for the long-awaited JRPG from Atlus, Persona 5 Royal. It's taken a long time to get here but it seems the wait has been worth it.

Before we dive into what other critics had to say, be sure to check out our own review. We gave Persona 5 Royal an outstanding 10/10 and called it "the definition of 'required reading' for JRPG fans", highlighting the incredible soundtrack, the stellar presentation, and the lengthy, engaging narrative.

Now let's see what other outlets think of Persona 5 Royal:

First up, Nintendo World Report awarded the game a score of 9/10, highlighting its seamless transition to the Switch:

"Now that Sega and Atlus have started to bring the previously-PlayStation exclusive series’s main entries to all platforms this week, the question immediately became how the Switch would handle a game previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4. And after several months of student life and stylish fighting, Persona 5 Royal holds up perfectly in its portable form."

Dextero echoed our own review with a perfect score of 10/10, calling it one of the best JRPGs of the decade:

"Persona 5 Royal is simply a must-play for any JRPG fan, and couldn’t be a better place to start for those who have yet to delve into the genre. If you’re a fan of lengthy RPGs full of interlinking systems and somehow haven’t played yet, we implore you to join the Phantom Thieves — they’re bound to steal your heart."

Next up, GamingBolt also gave the game a 10/10, praising the lack of percepitble drawbacks in transitioning to the Switch:

"You couldn’t go wrong with Persona 5 Royal on any platform. The game itself laid down the gauntlet, actually. Persona 5 Royal’s theme song, Colors Flying High, ends with the phrase “green or blue, red or white, you can’t lose with your colors flying high.” And so it is. Whether you play it on Xbox or PlayStation, Switch or PC, Persona 5 Royal is an utter masterpiece, and you’re in for one of the best games ever made no matter how you choose to play it."

GameTyrant whacked a score of 9.5/10 on its review, with the lack of frame rate and resolution from other platforms the only major drawback of the experience:

"Persona 5 Royal is just as great a game as it’s ever been, and it is everything I could have hoped for on the Nintendo Switch. This is the way I wanted to play this game from the very beginning, and Atlus and Sega have outdone themselves with this port. It runs beautifully, feels great, and is every bit the Persona experience I’ve been craving on Switch since 2017."

CGMagazine gave Persona 5 Royal a score of 9/10 and called it "one of the best Switch ports to date":

"I am genuinely floored by, not only how good Persona 5 Royal is on the Switch, but how good it is, PERIOD. It may very well enter the hallowed halls of my favourite games list and is a high recommendation for anyone who may be new to the franchise—you don’t need to play the others for this to make sense—or anyone who is familiar and wants an excellent version on their Nintendo handheld. It’s an insanely fun, insanely approachable, and insanely entertaining RPG that needs to be played, if not for the soundtrack alone."

Finally, Vooks awarded the game a 9/10 and highlighted the gameplay and presentation, but stated that the game is "too damn long" (we respectfully disagree):

"Persona 5 Royal is, as Persona 5 always has been, an incredibly solid experience on Switch. Royal is the very best version of the game, with tweaks and additions that make it a big step up from the original. It’s still far too long, and the added content certainly doesn’t ease that pain, but if you can push through it, you’ll find a game that stands at the top of its genre."

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