While we're still waiting for an official release date for River City Girls 2 in the West, WayForward has dropped a brand new trailer featuring Marian, one of the game's new playable characters. And she looks quite a bit different from how many might remember her.

Marian is, of course, the main heroine of the Double Dragon series — which was also made by the original creators of the Kunio-kun (River City) series, Technōs Japan and Yoshihisa Kishimoto. You can find out more about Kishimoto in this fantastic piece from Polygon from 2012 (thanks to juliobrand for sharing!).

Marian is often the damsel-in-distress in Double Dragon, but that's not the case in River City Girls 2. And she comes packed with abs of steel and fists we don't want to mess with.

Over on PlayStation.Blog, Bannon Rudis — one of the directors of WayForward — has taken the time to break down Marian's history and her inclusion in the upcoming beat 'em up. Over the years, Marian has toughened up and learned how to box and wrestle, but with lightning-fast movement. So she's faster than other grappler characters you may have played as in other similar games!

She's got some of her own special moves up her sleeve too. Mind Meld sees her grabbing one opponent from either side of her and smashing their faces together, while KO Cutter is a dashing punch. Even since her cameo in River City Girls, she's come a long way.

Marian River City Girls 2 Concept Art
The concept art alone shows us we should be scared. — Image: via PlayStation.Blog / WayForward

Marian is one of two new playable characters in River City Girls 2, the second being Provie — who made her debut in River City Ransom: Underground on PC in 2017.

River City Girls 2 releases in Japan on 1st December, while we over in the West are still sitting in the "sometime after summer 2022 window". We're almost in winter! But we'll wait as long as it takes.

Are you excited to try out Marian? Tell us in the comments!

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