No Man's Sky / Guildford
Image: Nintendo Life / Hello Games / Kreepin Deth (Guildford Guildhall, cropped, licenced under CC BY)

Ah, No Man's Sky. The bliss intergalactic traveller where you can visit an infinite number of planets, discover new species, push the boundaries of physical advancement and now, it seems, visit the high streets of small English towns.

Yes, that's right. Tired with the procedural generation of an endless galaxy and just wishing for the sweet embrace of, erm, Guildford? Well, this in-game build from @Rasdar07 is certainly the one for you. As shown in the tweet below from @LordFrobozz (thanks, Eurogamer), this build has got the English town centre down to a T.

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You've got your Turtle Bay, Three Pigeons pub, telephone boxes and even the Hello Games offices themselves. Guildford is a hub of games development here in the UK, home to offices for Ubisoft, Media Molecule and EA amongst others. A fitting tribute to the developers of No Man's Sky or just a love of Guildford, the weird specificity of this build is on the one hand seriously impressive, but also pretty funny.

The good news is that the mighty town of Guildford has been built on a planet for all players to visit. All that you need to do is head to the glyph coordinates found in the bottom left corner of the @NMSCord image below to see the town in all of its virtual glory.

What do you make of this in-game build? Set your coordinates for the comments and let us know!

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