Giant Garchomp 1
Image: Dengeki Hobby

What is with this slate of large Pokémon plushies that keep coming up? We love them, of course — recently we've had Spheal (which you can now buy worldwide) and Altaria, among many others. And now, Cynthia's ace Garchomp is entering the gigantic Pokémon plush ring.

This 160cm long plush was shared online by PokéJungle (via Nintendo Soup) and will be available to pre-order Premium Bandai Japan's store later today, 12th October. 160cm means it's around 5'2", so it's only a little bit shorter that this writer! And, given that Garchomp is laying down and seems to be having a nap, it looks like it's the perfect sleeping buddy.

You can check out some snaps from Hobby Dengeki to see how to get perfect use out of your sleepy Garchomp:

Garchomp isn't the first Pokémon we'd think about giving a cuddle, but we can get behind this! Let's just hope it's not as brutal as Cynthia's and that the little nap is calming it down a bit.

Of course, as you'd expect with a giant plushie, Garchomp also comes with a pretty hefty price tag — just below $400. The big dragon is due to ship in February 2023, and maybe — like many other giant plushies — we'll see Garchomp made available in the US or UK.

Don't forget, later today we'll be getting a brand new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer at 6am PDT / 2pm BST / 11pm AEST.

Do you want to give Garchomp a hug? Roar in the comments to let us know!

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