We now know that Pilot Wings 64 will be the next game to fly onto the Switch Online + Expansion Pack N64 library on October 13th. As if this wasn't exciting enough, Nintendo has released a new trailer for the game with a voice over that, well, take a listen for yourself above.

If you had originally watched the trailer on mute, nothing will prepare you for the whiplash of hearing the smoothest voice known to man tell you about the game. Couple that with a gentle jazz beat and we've got a new bedtime routine on our hands. White noise? Sleep story? Nah, stick the Pilot Wings 64 trailer on will you?

Although we could have sworn that we've heard that voice somewhere before - anyone else getting Ronin from Bayonetta vibes? - it is nice to see a Nintendo trailer work to actually make us laugh (a welcome change from that recent 'splat splat splat' Splatoon 3 trailer).

There is a little under a week until Pilot Wings 64 is officially released on the Switch which, starting tomorrow, means that you have time to put this soothing soundtrack on repeat for approximately 7,200 plays - challenge accepted.

What do you make of the new Pilot Wings 64 trailer? Give us your smoothest response in the comments below!

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