Super Mario Kart
Image: Nintendo

Everyone's got their favourite items when it comes to the Mario Kart franchise, but we'd be willing to bet that it probably isn't the Blue Shell.

Introduced in Mario Kart 64 and subsequently becoming a mainstay in the franchise to this very day, the Blue Shell is a veritable nightmare for those cruising along in first place, particularly if you've got nothing at your disposable to mitigate the impact.

Of course, we've no doubt that the Blue Shell has its fans (we know you're out there somewhere!), so you might be pleased to know that the item is being added into the original Super Mario Kart, albeit in an unofficial manner.

As spotted by our good friends at Time Extension, romhackers MrL314 and ScouBsmk have successfully added the Blue Shell into their ambitious romhack title 'Super Mario Kart Deluxe', introducing a hefty dose of carnage into an already action-packed game.

In the announcement, MrL314 acknowledges that not everyone will want to play with the Blue Shell activated, so has endeavoured to ensure that the settings menu will allow for an option to toggle its availability. It will also only be available to real players who are in the positions 5th-8th on laps 2-5, so CPU opponents will not be able to use it.

Super Mario Kart Deluxe is still in active development at the moment, but will be playable on original hardware upon completion. In speaking with Time Extension, MrL314 says that the game is "a love letter from us fans expressing our appreciation of the game, and we’re working hard to make sure it’s fun for all levels of players!".

What do you think of the addition of the Blue Shell in Super Mario Kart Deluxe? Do you welcome its inclusion, or do you think the game is better off without it? Let us know!

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