Splatoon 3
Image: Nintendo

Splatoon 3 features some reasonably extensive customisation options for its characters, allowing players to choose any combination of hairstyle and clothing items they desire, regardless of gender identity.

It turns out, however, that Nintendo once considered implementing facial features to the game beyond eye and eyebrow customisation, such as freckles and scars. This comes via Automaton, which reports that files discovered in Ver. 1.0 of the game contains clear evidence of textures used to create freckles and scars. Twitter user @thebigsadkad has uploaded the files on Twitter as evidence of the inclusion:

A further Twitter user by the handle of @DiamCreeper23 has loaded the textures into the game to display what these would look like on an Octoling boy. The images can be viewed below, but you'll need to enlarge them, as the freckles and scars are a little difficult to spot!

It appears that the data itself only exists within Ver. 1.0 of the game, with Ver. 1.1.0 - released one day prior to the game's global launch - apparently deleting the files. Ver 1.0 comes with retail copies of the game, but since the game will need updating to allow for online play, it's unlikely that many people will still have access to it.

It's also been noted that during Nintendo's 'Ask the Developer' series focused on Splatoon 3, concept art showcased for the game clearly showed an Inkling character with freckles, lending further evidence that this is something Nintendo wanted to implement at some point during development.

Splatoon 3 Concept
Image: Nintendo

Some people online have now expressed a desire for these features to return to the game via a future update or DLC pack:

What do you think of these cut features from Splatoon 3? Are you bothered about the lack of freckles and scars, or do you prefer your Inkling and Octoling to be blemish-free? Let us know!

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