Mickey Mouse Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image: Nintendo Life / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley is all harmless, lovely, Disney-endorsed fun, correct? Well... unless the game's iteration of Mickey Mouse has scared the living daylights out of you. For weeks, players have been unsettled by the iconic mouse's eyes.

Sounds simple, but if you see it in action, then you might be a bit perturbed. Basically, Mickey's eyes aren't mapped correctly, meaning that it always looks like he's... staring, in a particular way. Like he wants to murder you or something. Except not anymore, as with the release of the Scar's Kingdom update, his eyes have been fixed. Phew.

Just in case you missed those sinister black eyes that pierce right through your soul, we caught Mickey red-handed (or white-eyed?) on the scene in Dreamlight Valley, looking absolutely, totally normal.

Twitter user Chwistopher compares meeting the mascot mouse for the first time as a "horror game" in a pretty expletive clip (so be warned if you click on it). And others, like GC, have shared the odd selfie with Mickey, and his right eye is certainly giving us the shivers. Even Kotaku got in on the action, sharing some disturbing encounters with the mouse.

But alas, Mickey's vacant, dead stare is now no longer in the game, fixed by a big ol' update. sigh. Well, Mickey's death stare will always live on in our hearts and memories. Although maybe we should be grateful — the citizens of Dreamlight Valley will at least feel safer now!

Oh boy, are you sad to say goodbye to Mickey's murder eyes? Let us know in the usual spot!

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