Mario Movie Trailer
Image: Illumination / Nintendo

With The Super Mario Bros. Movie getting its first official trailer today, we finally got to see many of the characters in Illumination's animation style for the first time. And a highlight of the trailer was Luigi, who appeared very briefly at the end of the teaser. And it's more than appropriate for the panic-stricken brother

In the teaser, Luigi is running away from several Dry Bones towards a castle (we've timestamped the specific section in the teaser below). There's plenty of lava, and the green brother looks pretty terrified as he scarpers away from the skeletal enemies. Then, he attempts to keep even more foes from escaping the castle by holding the doors shut as best as he can, all with a horrified look on his face.

So, a super-scared Luigi? What does this remind you of? So, there's no mansion, and there's no Poltergeist 3000, sure, but this horror-esque section of the trailer is definitely a nod towards Luigi's Mansion, the spin-off series that is designed to make Luigi shake in his boots.

While we haven't seen much of the taller brother yet, we think we'll be seeing him getting up to more spooky, horrifying antics. And while we do get a brief snippet of Charlie Day as Luigi, it's only a little bit of a yelp, so we'll have to keep an ear out for what the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor can bring to the table.

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